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Deep in the heart of the United States lies one of the most mysterious and elusive baked goods in the world: the fangirl cookie. A pastry of chewy goodness, wonderful flavor and more butter than you can shake a stick at, it remains virtually unachievable by regular civilization.

This is the battlefield on which two fangirls will meet in the competition of a lifetime.

[ profile] meryl_edan and [ profile] lavenderseaslug will go head-to-head, or rather cookie-to-cookie, in an arena that few have dared to enter, where they will risk it all to become America's Next Top Iron Chef. There is no turning back and only cookies to look forward to in the future. Welcome to....

America's Next Top Iron Chef: Fangirl Island!

Of course, this competition would not be complete without prizes, prizes to make this hazardous endeavor worth it. Not only will the victor receive eternal fame, never-ending glory, and bragging rights, she will also receive a $100,000 contract with Sara Lee* baked goods to jump start her cookie-baking career.**

Now, to introduce our FABULOUS judges. First we have noted cookie-aficionado and taster, [ profile] lily_winterwood. Next to her is top fangirl and cookie diva, [ profile] averita. And finally, last but not least, we have our Head Judge, [ profile] still_might_be, one of the world's foremost experts on cookies, especially of the Nabisco variety.

The Rules:

1. The challenge will take place October 24-30.
2. Competitors [ profile] meryl_edan and [ profile] lavenderseaslug will have 48 hours at the beginning of the challenge to bake and box their cookies.
3. Each competitor will bake three types: two types are "baker's choice" and the third type will be a classic chocolate chip cookie to be used as a tiebreaker.
4. Competitors will send a sampling of cookies to each judge, to each other, and to [ profile] leiascully (for designing the competition banner). Note: Competitors will agree privately and in consultation with the Head Judge on packaging and shipping terms.
5. Judges will taste cookies (soliciting opinions from friends and family members is permitted) and judge according to criteria determined and announced by the Head Judge.
6. The Head Judge will compile results and declare the winner of the challenge.

*Sara Lee is in no way affiliated with ANTIC:FI

**The whole Sara Lee contract thing is pretty much bullshit.
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